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About Us

This section of our website provides details about the ii Group. Click here for executive and partner biographies.

ii Group is comprised of partners and associates that have held senior executive/managerial positions in a range of sectors. Their skills & experience are complimentary to the mission of identifying and then assisting in the achievement of win-win outcomes for all parties involved in a transaction.

Taking into account all team members, ii Group has close to 150 years of business experience, which has proved beneficial to clients in their search to obtain maximum returns.

ii Group has coverage and first-hand knowledge of working in profitable relationships and partnerships across Europe, Middle East, America, Africa, Asia & the BRICs. We work closely with leading strategic partners such as specialist City law firms and have links with a number of organisations providing start-up venture capital to support expansion programmes and full-scale multinational financial assistance.

ii Groups focuses on providing support to businesses involved with transaction values between £1M and £50M.


Please contact us if you would like to know about the ii Group and the services that we offer.

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